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I arrived to La Calma taken by the hand (literally) by a close friend, after going through a long process of breast cancer.

In order to stop the tumour, which was very aggressive, it was necessary for me to submit to chemotherapy, radiotherapy and a mastectomy. By then, I suffered the consequences of all those treatments and I was exhausted physically and emotionally: pain due to radiotherapy burns, severe tiredness and eating disorder. The medications helped but it didn’t allow me to live a normal active life. I needed to take charge of my life again, raise my son, come out of the circle that surrounds the illness and smile within.

La Calma (calmness) complies to the promise of its name.

In that beautiful environment, with a simple and warm welcome, I received the beautiful initiations of Morelia who opened the doors of my spirit to the benefits of Reiki and meditation.

That was the beginning of my recovery. I cannot explain with words what I felt those days and the strength of the tools that Morelia, with lots of love, placed on my hands with her well doing and harmony.

I was sick, but I am not a sick person anymore.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me “build” my own health and happiness.

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