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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

La Calma

Like you, and like most people today, we aim to find a balance in our lives between work, family and our personal time; and although it can be a challenge, it is not impossible to achieve.

Before creating La Calma in 2008, I lived and worked 16 years in London. During this time, I was able to recognize and understand through my own experiences how stress in its multiple shapes and forms has increasingly become an important factor affecting our health and general wellbeing. By learning how to meditate, practice healing and yoga I was able to appreciate the numerous benefits that these practices can provide us.

It was due to this personal journey, and through the inspirations I received during meditations, that the dream to create La Calma arose. A special place, Boutique Hotel, in a natural environment where people could come to rest, relax, benefit from treatments, personal coaching and most importantly, learn new ways in which they could find their inner peace and wisdom so that they could transform their lives and fill them with joy and harmony.

Our intention at Boutique Hotel La Calma is for you to leave behind your hectic life’s rhythm the moment you arrive. To immediately begin to feel how your senses calm down and how this becomes more natural each day. That the zen decoration with its neutral colours helps you relax, and that the beautiful nature that surrounds us surprises you and touches your heart. That the energy at La Calma, its aromas and the music that we have carefully selected help you reach an even further and deeper sense of calmness and relaxation.

We hope that during your days at Boutique Hotel La Calma you rest, enjoy Asturias and benefit from our Wellness offer which includes treatments, massages, yoga, personal and spiritual development programs, coaching, meditation and healing courses.

Our philosophy and mission is a simple but beautiful one… To help you remember and feel that La Calma (calmness) exists. That you can find this special, deep and sublime silence of love within you.

We look forward to receiving you at La Calma soon and being able to share this dream with you which we lovingly try to make a reality every day.


Morelia made an important change to her life when she left London and her career in the Advertising and TV world in order to follow her dream and create La Calma, a small Rural Boutique Hotel, in the charming coastal village of Ribadesella in Asturias along the northern Spanish coast also known as the Green Coast.

She studied in London a degree Economics and a masters in Marketing. Her career included senior positions in blue-chip companies such as Daimler-Benz where she directed the Online Strategy for Mercedes-Benz in Europe. She was also the Interactive TV Strategy Director at advertising agency BMP DDB working with clients such as Sony, Volkswagen, Budweiser and Vodaphone before creating her own consultancy with clients such as the BBC, Cartoon Network, Cap Gemini, Saatchi & Saatchi amongst others.

Understanding that she needed a balance in her life, at the same time that she worked on growing her career, she began her spiritual development. Morelia has studied and practiced meditation, healing, reiki, aromatherapy and various massage therapies for more than 12 years. In order to create a fusion of eastern and western approaches she has travelled to many places in the world for specialist trainings and advanced spiritual retreats including the USA, Bali, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, England and Spain.

Currently she is completely dedicated to La Calma and her two small children, Thomas and Robert. Morelia is a meditation and healing teacher, a massage therapist, healer, personal life, executive and spiritual coach. Drawing from her experiences in both the corporate and the alternative world of therapies, her greatest wish is to help others find wellbeing, balance and happiness as well as their inner peace and wisdom.

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Meditating is easy (1)

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