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Your Personal Retreat
Your Personal Retreat
Your Personal Retreat
Your Personal Retreat
Your Personal Retreat
Your Personal Retreat
Your Personal Retreat
Your Personal Retreat
Your Personal Retreat
Your Personal Retreat

Your Personal Retreat

La Calma

By making a personal retreat at La Calma you will be able to disengage from the stress of your everyday life, relax and connect with your inner peace and wisdom as you heal your body, mind, emotions and spirit.

We can all benefit from a personal retreat where we can dedicate a few of days to enjoy serenity, connect with ourselves again, reflect, let go what we do not need anymore, heal, and fill up with both energy and enthusiasm.

The objectives and reasons that lead you to search for a personal retreat are different and unique. Some seek a retreat in order to improve their wellbeing; while others see it as an opportunity to acquire new tools that will help their personal or spiritual development.


Our philosophy is to help you find your inner peace and that with this internal wisdom you can transform your life. The different specialties that we can offer and include in your personalized program are:

Meditation and/or Healing Workshops

So you may learn to meditate from your heart and heal yourself using divine energy based on the Paramita Path® teachings.

Yoga Classes and Therapies

Which are completely adapted to your level and are focused to support the objectives which you are working on during your personal retreat.

Holistic Treatments and Massages

These include a variety of massages and healing techniques that will help you relax your body, create harmony and help heal the areas you require.

Personal Life and Spiritual Coaching

We can take the retreat as an opportunity to begin a personal life or spiritual coaching process to help you transform your life. This coaching process can continue at a distance once you return so you may keep working with your personal coach and receive an ongoing support.

Routes of Calmness

Since we are located in a natural and the privileged environment of Asturias and Ribadesella in Northern Spain, we will recommend you during your retreat, various special nature routes that will support your process of relaxation and reflection. For these routes, we will provide you with guided meditations and areas to reflect upon that will support the objectives that you are working during your retreat.


In general, the Personal Development Programs with Coaching offered at La Calma form a base from which we begin to design a personal retreat. Some of these are for : Stress and Anxiety, Fertility, Healing My Body and My New Life.

If you already have a psychologist or coach, we can work closely work with them to design a retreat that best supports the processes or personal development areas which you require. This joint effort, in our experience, helps achieve the best positive results.

If you are interested in having a personal retreat at La Calma, a rural Boutique Hotel for Relax and Wellness, please do not hesitate to contact us so we may begin planning your retreat : info@la-calma.es or (34) 985 861804.


We are offering a special price so you may do Your Personal Retreat for 3 days at 550 euros or 4 days at 650 euros including :

* Your stay at a Double Superior Room with breakfast

* Relaxing Massage or Healing Session

* Meditation & Healing Workshop – Paramita Path® Basic Level with Manual, Recorded Meditations and Certificate

* Recommendation for Natural Walks with Guided Meditations

* Personal Coaching Session

01 Sept – 31 Oct : 3 Nights 680€ / 4 Nights 720€ (Nights extras a 90€)

01 Nov – 20 Dic: 3 Nights 650€ / 4 Nights 680€ (Nights extras a 80€)

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Meditating is easy (1)

Meditating is easy (1)

Its not only for the monks and yogis of the Himalayas!
Meditating is easy (1)

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