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My New Life Programme

My New Life Programme

La Calma

If you are starting a new stage in your life after a divorce, separation or you have lost a loved one; this programme will help you heal emotionally. You will find the calmness, peace, optimism and energy to enjoy your new life.

To help you get the best start in your New Life, this programme is composed of three main elements. Depending on your circumstances we might suggest adding other optional elements that could benefit you.


The programme starts with a 60 minutes Healing & Balancing treatment. The main objective during this healing is to reduce the stress and anxiety levels that you may be experiencing due to the changes happening in your life.

During the session you will receive divine energy (similar to reiki) that will help clean and establish a balance in your body, emotions, mind and energy centres (chakras) so that everything may flow properly and you may restore your wellbeing.

Although we only include one healing session in the programme, depending on your needs we could add more healings or a Relaxing Massage if you are also experiencing muscular tension in your body.

With the healing treatment we will help calm your mind and your emotions so that you may feel peace and love. It is from this point of calmness and harmony that you will be best prepared to begin the next stage of the programme.


In this part of the programme you will learn how to heal yourself using divine energy and how to meditate so that you may find your calmness and internal wisdom. We will be following the teachings from the Paramaita Path® Basic Level which we have adapted for this programme. This is a beautiful process that can be done as one session of 150 minutes or in two sessions of 75 minutes. It can also be done as a couple or with a small group.

You will learn how to easily connect to the divine energy so that it may flow through your whole body as you feel and enjoy how it fills you with peace, calmness, joy and love. You will learn to feel your energy body, your chakras and will understand how each thought and emotion is also energy. You will become a channel of divine energy and all the light that you will bring to your body will help you heal emotionally as well the cells in your body.

By learning to meditate you will be able to calm your emotions and thoughts gaining the peace and clarity that you need to start your new life.

We will do special meditations and healings, according to your needs, so that we can work on areas such as forgiveness, loss, acceptance of the new circumstances, the surrender of attachments and fears amongst many more. With this work we will help you find more peace, calmness, love, security, self-confidence and your inner strength.

We will aslo do special meditations to help you visualize and manifest your new life filled with happiness, love, health and harmony.

Once you complete the workshop you will receive a manual that you can refer to with everything you have learned, a CD with guided meditations created specifically to help you start your New Life and a Paramita Path® Diploma certifying that you have completed the Basic Level I.


During the previous work we will have done together you will have gained important insights about which areas of your life you need to work on and would like to change. During a private personal life coaching session we will be able to define the goals that you would like to achieve and we will develop a Plan of Action that will help you follow the best path to start Your New Life.

In order to benefit fully from a personal coaching process we recommend a minimum period of 3 months. Once the programme has finished we can continue with a personal coaching process in person, via skype or over the telephone so that you may continue to receive my support and motivation to help you keep in track towards your goals.


Our recommendation is that the programme should be split over 3 sessions and that there should ideally be only one session per afternoon. If you don´t live in the area, you will need to stay at La Calma a minimum of two nights as long as you can allocate time in the afternoons of both the arrival and departure day.

We recommend that our work together is done in the afternoons as we believe that it is important that you have the mornings to integrate and reflect what you have worked on the previous day whilst you enjoy and explore the beautiful natural setting around us.

In order for us to be able to dedicate the required time that you need, it is important that you tell us in advance if you wish to do any of our programs. Depending on how many days you have available to stay at La Calma we would organise the program accordingly to meet your needs.

INTENSIVE PROGRAMME EXAMPLE (with 2 nights accommodation)

Friday : Healing Treatment 75 mins

Saturday : Meditation Workshop 150 mins

Sunday : Coaching Session 75 mins

IDEAL PROGRAMME EXAMPLE (with 3 nights accommodation)

Thursday : Healing & Balancing Treatment 60 mins

Friday : Meditation & Healing Workshop 150 mins

Saturday : Coaching Session 75 mins

Sunday : Departure

If you live in the area we could split the programme into 3-4 sessions and spread them over with more flexibility and according to your schedule.


The price for the programme as described is 450 euros per person excluding VAT. If you would like to do the programme with a partner or friend the price per person would be 375 euros and for small groups of 4-6 people 300 euros.

The programme includes :

One Healing & Balancing Treatment

Meditation & Healing Workshop with manual, CD of guided meditation and Paramita Path® Diploma for the Basic Level I.

One Coaching session and a Plan of Action

Your accommodation costs at La Calma would be extra but we would help you find the best price possible. If you can the best option would be to combine our programs with our discounts outside of the high season of July and August.

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