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  • Beatriz

    I arrived to La Calma taken by the hand (literally) by a close friend, after going through a long process of breast cancer.

    In order to stop the tumour, which was very aggressive, it was necessary for me to submit to chemotherapy, radiotherapy and a mastectomy. By then, I suffered the consequences of all those...

  • Gemma and Marc

    “We worked on meditation and healing… shortly after our return we became pregnant”.

    The stress and anxiety from work formed part of our day-to-day lives even if we assumed to it and allowed it to lead us, but that situation was not compatible to the wish we had of becoming parents.

    We arrived to...

  • Paloma and Jorge

    “We have been to La Calma in various occasions, sometimes alone and other times with friends, we are totally hooked”.

    Hello to all of those who have chosen to read these testimonies, we hope that this one helps you come to this extraordinary place.

    We are a married couple from Madrid, Paloma and Jorge, that wants...

  • Sonia and Jaime

    “When the massage ends you feel as if you are floating and in about ten minutes interior strength and optimism flow within you”.

    We arrived to La Calma by chance… or maybe because destiny provides us with those small pleasures in life. My partner was going through a bad moment professionally and in the business...

  • Carmen and Sofía

    “I took an important tool for life that will remain with me forever: meditation!”

    We spent a summer in La Calma along with my husband and three children. Besides taking beautiful memories of the wonderful Asturian scenery, its exquisite gastronomy and a repairing stay at La Calma, I took an important tool for life that...


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