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La Calma

At La Calma we would like to help you find inner calmness and experience the beauty of the silence that exists within you. This special place, where your wisdom and purest essence resides, will help you live a life full of happiness, wellbeing, harmony, peace and love.

Although we offer you a charming rural boutique hotel where you can rest and relax, it is our Wellness offering that truly defines how we will best be able to help you.

Our intention is to offer you different options and levels of how to reach your inner calmness. This can range from enjoying one of our treatments, learning how to meditate and heal yourself, taking part in one of our personal or spiritual development programs or receiving coaching.

Most of the Wellness offering we provide is done at a one-to-one basis in order to ensure that we can tailor the experience completely to your needs. If you prefer, we can also do the courses or programs as a couple or with a group of close friends.

All the Wellness work that we do together will be mainly done in the afternoons, which gives you the time to also explore Asturias and Ribadesella in the mornings as well as spend time with your partner or friend(s) if you are traveling together. It is also beneficial if you use some of this time to integrate the work we have done on the previous day. To do so we will recommend you our special Routes of Calmness which takes you to special places within the magnificent nature that surrounds us.

The Wellness offering at La Calma is available for our guests, but it is also open to all those interested who are staying in the area. We just ask that you request an appointment before coming to visit us.

If you would like to discuss how La Calma could best help or design a personalized Wellness plan, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you.

  • Massages & Treatments

    Helping to calm your body, mind and emotions as we release muscle tension and energy blocks to create a balance in your body and a sense of wellbeing. With the variety of treatments and massages that we offer at La Calma, our aim is to help you relax and improve your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. We use a diverse fusion of techniques such as aromatherapy, sweedish, deep tissue and lymphatic drainage ...
  • Programmes & Coaching

    You will receive personal life coaching. You will learn meditation & healing techniques focused according to your needs so that you may transform your life from within your inner calmness and wisdom. At La Calma we have developed a variety of personal development programs that combine learning how to meditate and do self-healing (similar to reiki) which are enhanced with the support and guidance provided through coaching...
  • Workshop Calendar

    Are predominantly offered on a one-to-one basis, for couples or small groups and have been designed so that you can easily learn and integrate in your life the principles and techniques of meditation and healing (similar to reiki). At La Calma we offer a variety of meditation and healing workshops which have been simplified and adapted from the spiritual teachings of the Paramita Path. This way you will be able to easily learn ...
  • Personal Life Coaching

    "Personal life coaching is an ideal tool and process to help you transform different areas your life which need improvement; such as your wellbeing, lifestyle, career, projects, relationships and spiritual development. With your personal life coach you can work on how to be healthier; have a less stressful life; make a career or job change… and much more!

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Its not only for the monks and yogis of the Himalayas!
Meditating is easy (1)

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