Boutique B&B

Relax, Retreats & Wellness


La Calma is a delightful Boutique B&B in Ribadesella, Asturias

ideal for a Relaxing getaway, to do a Personal Retreat, learn how to Meditate and improve your wellbeing in our Wellness Centre (only for adults).

A space of serenity

On the outside, La Calma is a beautiful rural traditional Asturian house made of stone, granite and wood which is located within a privileged natural setting with glorious countryside views.

On the inside, following our Philosophy the house is stylishly decorated using soothing earth colours, specially selected aromas, music and quartzes to create a tranquil and peaceful environment for all of your senses.

Acknowledgements & Awards

La Calma has 3 Trisqueles, which is the maximum category available for B&Bs in Asturias.
We have also been selected by exclusive and top quality partners such as the Michelin Guide, Rusticae, i-escape and we keep having a top ranking in TripAdvisor.

We have been featured on several Spanish TV programmes and Channel 4´s “A Place in the Sun” as well as recommended in prestigious magazines like Elle, Yo Dona, El Mundo, Mujer Hoy amongst others…

There are three special ways to enjoy La Calma …

Relax & Wellness Rooms

Your Personal Retreat

Special Group Retreats


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