If you are trying to enhance your fertility in a natural way and you would like to live the whole process of conception, pregnancy, birth and parenting …

as an experience filled with divine Love, learning to connect with your spiritual heart and your baby’s soul in order to help him in his mission…
then we look forward to seeing you!

The new children of light that are choosing to be born are very special, they …

Have a Mission of Light

to be Pure Love and unconditional love

Come to teach us

compassion and how to peace in the world

Chose us as their parents

if we are already in a path of Light

Are more sensitive

They need a home and environment that is filled with light

Your Spiritual Midwife

In the highest planes of light I am a guide of Pure Love that helps souls which have a mission of Light to chose their new parents and help them plan their next life before being born.

Here in this life and from La Calma, I help couples seeking to improve their fertility and to welcome a baby of Light into their lives.

I also guide and provide support during the pregnancy, birth and once the baby is born so that they can all have a better communication with their child’s soul and give him/her the support that he/she needs to fulfil his/her mission.

Special Programmes


To Design your Special Programme