Gemma and Marc

“We worked on meditation and healing… shortly after our return we became pregnant”.

The stress and anxiety from work formed part of our day-to-day lives even if we assumed to it and allowed it to lead us, but that situation was not compatible to the wish we had of becoming parents.

We arrived to La Calma by chance and without references, it was simply because we liked the place that was described in the web page. I had heard of reiki from a friend but I had never tried it, so since I had time to spare I allowed Morelia’s advice and warmth to lead me.

The first healing session was incredible and the experience was amazing. Various chakras were unblocked and I felt different for a couple of days, in peace. The following sessions were the same, beautiful. Morelia also taught me how to meditate, and since my partner loves to take pictures of nature and the environment, while he enjoyed a perfect place to practice his hobby, I also enjoyed such place by meditating.

We returned to La Calma the following summer and we continued to practice meditation and healing, the ambience and the sessions with Morelia formed a perfect mixture and shortly after our return we became pregnant.

We returned to La Calma when we were 6 months pregnant to start the SENDERO PARAMITA for myself and for my baby, it was very emotional to feel my son so present. During the pregnancy I continued with the meditation and the healing, creating very special moments in connection with my son.

What we experienced with Morelia has created a good friendship that lasts in the distance. Thank you and a big hug.

Gemma and Marc