Ribadesella & Asturias


Ribadesella is without a doubt one of the most beautiful towns of Asturias as it has a privileged natural setting of sea, river and mountains. It is also ideally located to explore the whole ares of Asturias

Along its coast, Ribadesella has many beautiful beaches such as the 1.5 km “Playa de Santa Marina” which you can reach on foot from the town centre and “Playa de Vega” which is unspoiled and within completely natural surroundings. Also the river Sella calms down as it reaches Ribadesella, it then widens and joins the sea creating a magical and beautiful harbour for the town.
Walking through the small streets and squares of the town is a pleasant experience where you can enjoy the old and charming typical architecture as well as a variety of local restaurants and cafes. On Wednesdays, Ribadesella transforms itself into a large market town with stalls offering a variety of local produce.

You can also stroll down the path along the port called “Paseo de La Princesa Leticia” which was named in honour of the Royal Princess Leticia who is originally from Asturias and spent most of her summers in Ribadesella. As you follow the river Sella to its magnificent entrance to the Sea you can also admire the ceramic mosaics that decorate the path showing the history of Ribadesella made by the famous Spanish artist Mingote. When you reach the end, you can climb up to the small church of “La Guía” and enjoy the best views of the town.

Ribadesella is along the “Camino de Santiago” (St. James Way) and its location is ideal for exploring the hundreds of beaches in Asturias as well as other places of interest such as the famous Tito Bustillo Caves, The Coastal Dinosaur Route, “Cangas de Onis”, the Lakes of Covadonga, the “Picos de Europa”, Llanes, Lastres, Oviedo and Gijón.

There are a few major events celebrated in Ribadesella, such as the famous international descent of the river Sella in August, the horse-race on Santa Marina beach during Easter and a jazz festival in July.



Asturias, also known as the Green Coast of Spain, is located at the North of Spain between Galicia and Cantabria.

There are numerous reasons why Asturias is a special place to visit. It has a contrasting landscape of sea and mountains as well as an unspoiled culture and food.

You only need to see a few of the pictures on this page to appreciate the spectacular scenery that can be found in Asturias. Very few places in the world offer such a wonderful display of nature’s beauty. The combination of sea, green fields, rivers and mountains sometimes seems to have been created as a piece of art.

What also makes this area special is that most of its beaches and green areas are completely natural and are protected from edification. This gives you more than 100 natural beaches to enjoy, as well as national parks such as “Picos de Europa” and hundreds of natural trails along the coast or mountains.

In Asturias, you will also find many small and rural towns along the coast or in the mountains that are charming to visit. Besides Ribadesella, we would also recommend you to visit “Cangas de Onis”, Covadonga and the Lakes, Lastres, Potes and Llanes. Oviedo, the capital, is an elegant city with medieval architecture with beautiful old quarters, churches and with plenty of restaurants and cafes.