About Morelia Bueno

 La Calma was conceived as a project filled with Light and dedicated to the Divine Love …

 it was created within my heart during meditations whilst I lived and worked in London.

 In July 2008, this beautiful Project of Light was born and thanks to all of you it continues to grow.

I believe dreams come true …

Especially if your dreams are aligned to your divine essence and your your souls mission in this life.We have all come to shine brightly … to be and give Love … to be our highest version.

Part of my mission is to remind you how to connect to your divine essence, meditating and opening your heart. So you may connect with Pure Love, your soul and its wisdom easily.

So that you may discover your gifts, your mission and make your dreams com true.

My experience … we need balance

Although I studied in London Economics, got a Masters in Marketing and had a successful career in advertising where I developed strategies for Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Vodaphone, BBC, Cartoon Network amongst others … I understood early on that I need to keep a balance in my life including my spiritual development if I wanted to avoid suffering from the consequences of having such a highly demanding and stressful life.
So at the same time, in parallel, I studied and practiced meditation, healing, aromatherapy and different massage techniques during more than 16 years al over the world including the USA, Bali, Thailand, Singapur, Australia, England and Spain until I found the Paramita® teachings which deeply transformed my life.

My greatest joy is to inspire and guide others to find their inner calmness, essence and mission in life …

I am a meditation and healing Paramita® teacher, sacred healer, expert on a variety of holistic treatments and massages, aromatherapist, spiritual mid-wife, spiritual and life coach

I am completely dedicated to my mission with La Calma and the Paramita® teachings …

 and continue to focus on my personal and spiritual development …

 whilst I am enjoy a wonderful and balanced life with my two children.

I invite you to follow me in instagram so that you may know me better and what I do. Big hug xxx