Oviedo is considered one of the most elegant and beautiful cities in Northern Spain. Its old quarters, which are predominantly of medieval architecture, with narrow and pedestrian streets, are a pleasure to explore.

You will be able to find the old quarters easily as they are located on the left side of the San Francisco Park. When you visit Oviedo, we recommend that you start your journey along the San Francisco Street where you will pass by Oviedo´s University (a medieval building) and continue walking until you reach the square called “Plaza Alfonso II”. Here you will find the Cathedral and the Arts Museum. You can then continue along Calle Rua until you reach the Fontán area or simply let yourself be guided along any of its charming little streets.

If you would like to do some shopping, you will find the Corte Inglés (one of Spain´s largest and best shopping chains) a few metres from the San Francisco Park but on its right side. More shops can be found along the street called “Calle Uría”, “Calle Palacio Valdés” and “Calle de la Independencia”.

For La Calma, our favourite place to eat in Oviedo is “Restaurante Punto y Coma” located within the old quarters in the street called “Calle El Fontán”. Besides being one of the best restaurants in the city, it has a section for “tapas” and another one for more formal dining. And during lunchtime they offer a fantastic menu at an affordable price. For “tapas” and wine bars it is best to visit the area around “Calle Campoamor”.

At only 3km from the centre of Oviedo you can find a pre-Romanic church called “Santa María del Naranco” that dates 848 b.c. which is worth visiting.