Our philosophy and mission is …
to help you remember and feel that
La Calma (calmness) exists.

That you may find this wonderful,
deep and sublime silence filled
with love inside of you …

so that you may connect with your
true essence and mission in life

Your Santuary to Relax, Retreat & for Wellness  

We created La Calma with love and the intention to offer you a Space full of Serenity (only for adults) that are seeking a break to rest, relax, retreat or improve their wellbeing.

A Sanctuary to heal your body, mind, emotions and soul with the holistic treatments that we offer in our Wellness Centre.

A special and unique place where you can work on your personal and spiritual development by doing a personal retreat. Learning how to meditate from your heart with the Paramita® workshops and receiving Spiritual or Life Coaching.

Every detail stimulates Calmness … to all of your senses

Feel like at home … have breakfast in pijamas or robe … bring your cosy slippers or we will give you new ones to use inside La Calma.

Estilo Acogedor & Confort

Mezcla de madera, piedra, colores neutros, con un toque zen e inglés

Aromas, Quartzes & Music

Specially selected to help create a relaxing energy

Beautiful Views, of Nature

Decorating every room through each window to inspire your soul

Treatments, Walks & Workshops

Massages, Meditation, Yoga & Coaching connecting you to inner calmness

Please Note : La Calma is a non-smoking building including our balconies and windows. Also due to our philosophy and in order to promote a relaxing environment, La Calma is only for adults.