During selected weekends we offer SPECIAL GROUP RETREATS (only in Spanish, unless you have a group and would like us to create this experience you) …

… including Meditation Workshops, Nature Hikes, Yoga, Massages, Holistic Treatments or Coaching sessions.

All of our Retreats have been designed to help you …

… with your personal and spiritual development … so that step by step you can …

Feel Your Inner Calmness

Learning to Meditate …
Filling yourself with Calmness…
Connecting with your Heart and Divine Love

Open Your Wings

Connecting with your true Essence, your inner wisdom, Divine Love… Your Infinite Self.

..Fly ! You are Radiant Light

Overcoming the obstacles placed by your Ego, understanding your Mission and how to achieve it.

A unique and exclusive Retreat experience …

Small groups of 5 – 10 people so that the experience can be close and personal

Accommodation with Style & Comfort. La Calma offers you beautiful rooms and services that are usually offered only by high quality hotels.

Free time to rest, do self reflexion or enjoy nature walks whilst you integrate everything learnt

Breathtaking Natural Surroundings with coastal or mountain hikes in Ribadesella and Asturias that you can explore alone or as a group.

One-to-One Sessions. Not everything is done in a group, you can have coaching, treatments or other special processes just for you.

Continue from home your personal and spiritual development by having coaching sessions or workshops online.

Retreats Calendar (only in spanish)