There are several special processes that we can do together which will help your wellbeing, personal and spiritual development.

We can add them to your Personal Retreat, Coaching sessions or you can book them individually.

They last aprox 60 mins and we can do them in person or online.

We can do these special processes so that we can…

Understand Your Mission

and any remaining lessons by consulting your Akashic Records

Release Attachments & Obstacles

with people, situations, behaviours, habits and beliefs

Become Aware & Transcend

what is causing you stress, affecting your life and wellbeing

Manifest & Co-Create

From your Heart all that the Universe is ready to give you


Special Processes

Guidance from Your Akashic Records

During this special process we can seek guidance within Your Akashic Records to understand which are the lessons that your Soul has chosen for the life and if they still need to be worked on. Also to understand which is your mission in this life and any other information that you would like to receive spiritual guidance in order to continue your path in the Light.

The Akashic records are the sacred records where all the information about all of your Soul´s lives is kept including lessons, actions, thoughts and words.

To Work with your Symptons

With this method of Bioneuroemoción® we can guide you so that you can change the emotions and perception about your existing symptom or physical condition. You will be able to become aware of the factors and beliefs that you have unconsciously inherited from your family and ancestors that have been affecting you and have influenced in the manifestation of your current condition with the positive intention that you can transcend it not only for your wellbeing but for all of your clan.

To Manifest your New Life

During this special process you will learn how to manifest using the method of anticipated gratitude with the help of your Soul... so that you can co-create Your New Life aligned to your mission with your new plans, projects, relationships, finances, wellbeing and ideal lifestyle ... filled with love, joy, health, harmony and abundance.

To Work on Relationships

During this process based on Bioneuroemoción® we can work on problems you may have with different types of relationships in your life such as your partner, work colleagues, family, friends, etc. We will be able to identify what you could be projecting on them and what part of what is upsetting you and causing you stress is part of your shadow so you can become aware and transcend it.

To Work on Limiting Beliefs

During this process we will identify which limiting belief is affecting you and we will find the moment during your childhood that you made an agreement with this belief. We will understand the positive intention that this limiting belief provided you at that time from with your past perception and that of your family. We will then create a new agreement with a new empowering belief so that you can continue your path of Light and become your best version every day.

To Overcome Problems & Blockages

With this special process based on Bioneuroemoción® we will work any problem, difficulty or stressful situation (financial, work related, relationships, etc) that is recurrent in your life and has been caused by existing unconscious programmes and links with you family clan. We will identify the family resonance within your pregnancy and gestation period and similar previos experiences of your parents and grandparents so that you can become aware, transcend it and liberate yourself.

Prices & Reservations

To book a session in person or online, please contact us via WhatsApp +34617865659 or

One Session

60 min


Pack 2 Sessions

60 min


Pack 4 Sessions

60 min