There are several special processes that we can do together which will help your wellbeing, personal and spiritual development.

We can add them to your Personal Retreat, Coaching sessions or you can book them individually.

They last aprox 60 mins and we can do in person or online.

Let´s do these special processes so that you can…

Understand Your Mission

and any remaining lessons by consulting your Akashic Records

Release Attachments & Obstacles

with people, situations, behaviours, habits and beliefs

Become Aware & Transcend

what is causing you stress, affecting your life and wellbeing

Manifest & Co-Create

From your Heart all that the Universe is ready to give you


Special Processes

Reading Your Akashic Records

This sacred process allows us to connect deeply with our hearts and from there we will enter your Akashic Records. These sacred records are kept registered in the highest planes of light and contain everything that you have done, thought and said throughout all of your lives. Your Akashic Records also hold the contracts and lessons that your soul has chosen to work on in this lifetime. You will also receive guidance and clarification about your purpose, mission and other areas that will help you understand how best to continue your spiritual development.

Purification & Transmutation

You are guided through a deep purification process to help you transmute the obstacles, attachments and other limitations which are hindering your spiritual growth and that are limiting your ability to feel the peace and joy in your heart. With your angels and spiritual guides you will be helped to resolve and transmute the contracts that your soul chose as part of its learning for this life which are currently affecting your spiritual development such as difficult relationships, situations that repeat themselves, personality traits, behaviours, limiting beliefs and physical problems. You will also be able to heal the scars of your spiritual heart, strengthen your silver cord, recover and cleanse all the fragments of your soul, receive deep cellular and DNA healing and heal your sense of separation from mother Earth and nature.


With this process we will be able to accompany you to overcome obstacles, symptoms and/or stressful situations that repeat themselves which are being caused by unconscious programmes inherited from your family tree. This process will help you change your emotions and how you perceive any situation (financial, relationship, work, etc) including symptoms as you become deeply aware that they have been manifested in your life as a result of inherited loyalties and that it is your opportunity to finally transcend these issues no only for you benefit but for your whole family.

Release & Manifest

We will begin this process by releasing all of your problems, obstacles, attachments, negative behaviours, limiting beliefs and forgiving all of those who have hurt you. With this deep cleanse and release you will have created more space energy and in your life to attract all the new and wonderful things that the Universe has to offer you. In the second part of the process we focus on visualising and manifesting from your heart and from your divine essence … your New Life which is aligned to your path of the highest light including new projects, abundance, love, happiness and health.

Prices & Reservations

To book a session in person or online, please contact us via WhatsApp +34617865659 or

One Session

60 min


Pack 2 Sessions

60 min


Pack 4 Sessions

60 min