No one can do it for you … only you decide when to OPEN YOUR WINGS… but you can count on me…

As your Personal Coach … as your Spiritual Coach…

I will be there supporting you through your journey so that you may connect with your true Essence, identify what changes you would like to make in your life and make a plan so you may FLY!

Let´s do Coaching from your divine being to improve …

Your Wellbeing & Lifestyle

Creating a harmonious life … between your body, mind, emotions and energy

Projects & Ideas

Helping you create your projects and transform your dreams into reality


Working on issues and obstacles to improve your important relationships

Spiritual Development

Connecting with your divine essence, spirit and understanding your mission

A style of Coaching that works with your Divine Being

At La Calma, coaching is an important pilar of all of our wellbeing, personal and spiritual development work.

We have developed a unique style of coaching where we combine traditional life coaching tools such as NLP and emotional intelligence with Meditation and other special processes from that will help you connect with your divine essence and your divine being.

In order to make importante changes in your life, it is important that your fears don’t become an obstacle and dominante the whole process. With our meditation teachings we can help you enter a deep calmness where you will be able to listen to your inner wisdom and obtain the clarity you need to make better decisions.

Before deciding which direction to take in your life or before starting an important project, it is also important to know who you are first. With the traditional coaching techniques we can help you understand what makes you different, which are your strengths, talents and what motivates you … but we will take it further and help you connect with your true essence, your divine being … so that you may truly know who you are and what your mission is in this life.

Your Life Coach … Your Spiritual Coach

My style of coaching is close and kind whilst providing strength, vitality and motivation so that we keep moving forward.

Due to my work experience I understand both the business and marketing world as well as compassion and spiritual development. I know the strengths of using our brain as well as our heart.

I consider myself a Life Coach … but above all a Spiritual Coach.

As your coach I will be with you along the whole journey supporting you, motivating you but especially believing in you! Together we can follow the path that you need to take, step by step so you may create your New Life that is aligned to your divine essence and mission.

How does it work?

Coaching sessions usually last 75 minutes and can be done in person at La Calma or distantly using Skype or FaceTime.

The amount and frequency of the sessions vary according to each case, but generally I recommend 3 sessions a month (every 10 days) with an ongoing support via email, WhatsApp and/or phone.

My experience has shown me that in order to achieve significant changes you need to dedicate 3 months approximately so you can be ready to fly alone.

I don´t believe in coincidences … if you are reading this its because you are ready to change your life and you have been guided here because I can help you. If you feel this too don’t be shy write to me and ask me to have a free exploratory session so we can discuss how we can work together.

Coaching Packs & Prices

To book a session in person or online, please contact us via WhatsApp +34617865659 or

One Session

75 mins


Pack of 6 Sessions

75 mins / 2 Months


Pack of 10 Sessions

75 mins / 3 months