Our Holistic Treatments and massages will help you relax your body, mind and emotions…

releasing muscle tensions and energy blockages creating a deep balance, sense of calmness and wellbeing.

We use and combine a variety of techniques including relaxing and deep tissue massages, aromatherapy, reflexology and healing.

Within the serenity of our wellness centre …

our healing sanctuary, a unique experience awaits you … which differs greatly from other traditional spas.

With Love

All of our treatments are done whilst radiating divine Love & Light

Holistic Focus

To help your wellbeing … body, mind, emotions and soul

Natural Oils

We use our own recipes with organic essential oils

Shells and Quartzes

Enhance our treatments with magnificent benefits



Relaxing Massage

This relaxing massage uses soft and rhythmic movements to gently release the tension stored in different parts of your body. We also combine aromatherapy and healing techniques to help the energy in your body flow properly. By relaxing and healing your body we are also calming your mind and emotions so you may feel a deep sense of serenity and peace.

Balance & Wellness Massage

The hectic rhythm of lives we live, and the stress we have, can create an unbalance on our body, mind and emotions. This treatment combines various massage techniques including aromatherapy and healing techniques in order to restore the balance once more and to help you feel with more energy and vitality.

Deep Tissue Massage

This is a stronger and deeper type of massage. We will focus on your muscles and the areas in your body which require more attention. It is ideal for strong aches in the back, shoulder, neck, legs and other areas.


The art of reflexology consists in applying pressure and massaging the different reflex areas which we have in our feet to help improve different parts of our body. It can help improve blood circulation, relax the body and it can help organs and glands to regain their balance.

Special Pregnancy Massage

There is a mistaken belief that you should not receive a massage during pregnancy. At La Calma we have designed a massage treatment specifically for pregnant women which helps reduce back discomfort including the lumbar, shoulders and neck in a gentle way and in a comfortable posture which does not affect the baby. The sensation of heaviness and water retention in the legs is also alleviated using a gentle lymphatic drainage massage. And the most important ingredient, which all babies love to feel, is healing. With healing we ensure that all the energy in your body is flowing properly and in harmony so that it can support all the changes that are happening in your body.

Prices & Reservations

Our Holistic Treatments & Massages are available to our guests and the general public. Booking need to be made in advance by WhatsApp +34617865659 or info@la-calma.es

45 mins

Massages 55€

Treatments 60€

60 mins

Massages 65€

Treatments 70€

75 mins

Massages 80€

Treatments 85€


Holistic Treatments

Awakening the Heart

As part of your first session at our Healing Sanctuary, we recommend that you include this beautiful treatment. You will receive a special transmission of Light of Pure Love that will fill you with a deep sense of peace whilst you are connected to the divine energy and your spiritual heart, your centre of divine love and compassion, begins to awaken. Once your heart is awakened and connected to the divine Light of Pure Love you will be able to heal deeply and improve your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. It will also improve your meditation practice as you will be able to connect easier to your divine essence from your heart.

Flowing in Peace & Harmony

Whilst you lie comfortably, you receive a transmission of Light of Pure Love that will harmonise and heal your body, mind, emotions and soul. We will also use special sea shells and quartzes that will help enhance the benefits of this treatment. The healing light will flow through all the different areas of your body restoring a balance in your whole being so you may experience a sublime and deep peace within you.

Sacred Healing

During this special treatment we transmit the Light of Pure Love and the Sacred Violet Light of Transmutation using the most advanced and sacred healing techniques that will allow us to create a deeper energetic and physical healing including your cells, immune system, karma and negative energy that could be affecting your health. This treatment is especially recommended for serious illnesses such as cancer and other physical, mental or emotional problems that require a high level of healing.

Your Sacred Uterus

This beautiful treatment has been created for women that would like to have a baby. You will firstly receive a transmission of the Light of Pure Love that will help cleanse your sacral area of all the dense energies that could be stored here from previos relationships and/or sexual abuse. Then you reproductive system, including your uterus, will be transformed into a sacred space for the creation of life.

If you have done the Paramita® Meditation Workshop, as your spiritual Midwife of Light, I will help us connect during the treatment with the highest planes of light. Here with our hearts we will make a calling to souls wishing to be born into a family that is already in a spiritual path so that they may receive the support they will need to fulfil their mission in this life.

Activating Your Divine Goddess

This treatment has been especially created for women. During this special process you will receive a transmission of the Light of Pure Love that cleanses and removes all the dense energies from previous relationships and/or sexual abuse. Your reproductive system, including your uterus, will be transformed into a sacred space to stimulate creativity and self-love. You will also be connected with your divine goddess essence that will help you align better to Nature, its rhythms and wisdom. This activation opens your heart so that you may love yourself and remember who you truly are, a divine being, with infinite creative gifts.