At La Calma we offer you the ideal setting and support so you can enjoy a bespoke Personal Retreat…

treat yourself to a few days to rest, heal, connect with yourself, get energised and inspired …

to enhance your personal and spiritual development or projects from the depths of your heart and soul.

We will Design … your Ideal Retreat

The reasons that have lead you too seek a personal retreat are different and unique to each person.

Perhaps you need to rest, improve your wellbeing, need a space to get inspired and be creative for your project of Light or learn different tools that will help your personal and/or spiritual development.

With this in mind, at La Calma we can help you design your ideal Personal Retreat … one that meets your requirements and adapts to the amount of days that you can stay with us.

Our intention is always to support you so you can Awaken to your Inner Calmness, Open Your Wings and Fly!

In order to give you the best experience …

we recommend to include in Your Personal Retreat four special ingredients that we consider as the crucial pillars of our retreats

Holistic Treatments & Massages

specially created for your body, mind, emotions and soul

Meditation Workshops

so you can learn how to connect with your inner calmness, heart and wisdom

Nature Hikes & Walks

that will help you relax and connect with the present moment

Spiritual & Life Coaching

to help you achieve the changes that you would like to make in your life

Special Retreat Programmes

At La Calma we have developed 5 special Retreat Programmes that can be used as a base or inspiration when we design Your Personal Retreat.

Your Personal Retreat Prices

We guarantee you the best prices when booking our our website. You can book below the Basic Personal Retreat online. For the Plus version or others please contact us.

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2 Nights

Room with breakfast

Treatment (45 mins)

Meditation Workshop - Your Inner Calmness

Walks & Hike suggestions

Coaching session



3 Nights

Room with breakfast

2 Treatment (45 mins)

Meditation Workshops : Your Inner Calmness & Open Your Wings

Walks & Hike suggestions

Coaching session

During Your Personal Retreat …

All the Meditation Workshops will be done individually and on a one-to-one basis. We can us a focus based on your preferred Special Retreat Programme adding more days or changing any elements that you would like to include.

If you come with a friend or partner you may share the room and do the retreat together paying only an extra supplement for the individual sessions that your companion wishes to do. The Meditation workshop you can do together with no extra charge.

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To Design Your Personal Retreat