Meditating is easy (1)

Yes, seriously, it is! Its not only for the monks and yogis of the Himalayas.

I know that many of you right now are probably thinking the opposite and I would agree with you if someone had told me that meditation consisted in closing my eyes and clearing my mind of all thoughts. Although I have been meditating for several years if I closed my eyes right now with the sole intention of not thinking I would most certainly achieve the opposite! I believe that it is this mistaken notion about meditation that stops many people from even attempting it.

Let me illustrate it … If I told you please close your eyes, breathe deeply 3 times and with each exhalation let go of all your worries and tensions of the day, whilst you are listening to soft relaxing music that you like, you will probably start to feel a bit more relaxed. However once you began breathing normally again you would start to notice activity in your mind. Then by trying to keep your intention of not thinking, you will make an effort to have no more thoughts and as your thoughts continue to come and build up you may begin to experience frustration, believe that meditation is impossible for you to achieve and even become more anxious than when you started.

Now let´s try it differently … Close your eyes and breathe deeply 3 times letting go of everything, all your stress as you exhale… also with soft and relaxing music in the background to set the right environment … and when you begin to breathe normally remember how you feel when you open your window and its a sunny day ! How you feel when a beautiful beam of sunlight warms your face and chest. As you are remembering this now you are probably smiling … right ?! (unless of course you don´t like sunbathing). Continue re-living that memory and feel the sun and it´s warmth…enjoy it… smile and feel that sensation of happiness. If you have felt this, even if its for a few seconds, then we are making progress!

Keep surrendering to this feeling … remember those key seconds when you first feel the sun, its warmth and your face transforms, it relaxes, it smiles and eventhough you may not have noticed … you have for a few instants surrendered completely to that moment, enjoying it and feeling happy. You were not thinking about the list of things you have to do … instead you felt … Ahhhh… that warmth on your face and body … and it was soooo nice !!!

When we feel happiness our mind relaxes naturally and without effort. We are so immersed in experiencing the sensation and the moment that there are no thoughts distracting us. FEELING happiness, peace and love is the key ingredient of how we teach to meditate at La Calma.

The beauty is that we ALL know how to feel … so as you can see Meditating is easy !

In the next blog I´ll explain what is the key to make that sensation, that calms our mind, much deeper and that allows us to experience it for longer than a few seconds.

A big hug xxx


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