What are you planting?

Spring is the ideal season of the year to decide what changes you would like to plant in your life !

Spring is my favourite season of the year. It seems as if all of nature is happily showing off all of its wonderful new colours, flowers and leaves.

This time of the year, for those who love gardening, is very special. It´s the time to plan what they will plant this year. It´s a period of creativity, planning, action and enthusiasm as they look forward to see their grow seed grow.

What do you want to plant in your life ?

We can adopt the same approach in gardening for our own lives. Take a few days this week to reflect on what thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and actions you would like to flourish and give you happiness in your life this year.

Make a list with the main changes you would like to achieve. Place a realistic goal for each one, with clear actions and that you can measure so that you know when you have reached it. It is also really important that you write your goal as a positive statement followed by an affirmation that you can repeat to help you.

For example … Goal : I will be healthier; Affirmation : I am healthy! (and repeat it as many times in the day as you need to!); Actions: Walk 60 mins 3 days a week, Eat healthy following a Low GI Diet, Go to bed earlier so I may recharge my energy; I Will Have Reached my Goal when : My favourite jeans fit me again, I feel more energised, etc

If you need help and support …

If you feel that you need help in order to achieve the changes you would like to implement in your life, then its the perfect moment to work with a personal life coach or do one the Personal Development Programmes with coaching that we offer at La Calma.

Remember that you can have the life that you want, you just need to know what changes to plant and how.

To get inspired enjoy a walk in nature … it´s joy is highly contagious!

Have a nice weekend.

Lots of love xxx


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